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00-Thyresis by tooaya 00-Thyresis by tooaya

RP welcomed via skype/comments!

Name : Thyresis (abbreviated as Thy )
D.O.B : 2/20
Age : 16
Gender : male
Height : 5'5" (165cm)

Occupation : High school student, has dropped a grade due to constant problem with peers.

Zone : central

Demonic Weapon :

Spiked club (Parasitic): A large club, initially half of Thy's height, with a very uncomfortable handle. The club grows in size and weight as Thy gets hurt in battle and becomes more powerful, but at the same time harder for Thy to wield and slowing him down. The club will continue to grow until Thy no longer has the strength to swing it--up to his height and about his weight.

Personality :

- Self-defeating (Masochistic personality disorder )

Thy seeks pain to make himself feel better. He tends to be always grouchy or angry or sarcastic, and only when he gets beat up (physically or by words) would he act more calm and reasonable.

- Provocative

Thy will do anything to provoke others. This includes telling lies or just straight up being rude and insulting. Though once the other is provoked, Thy never fights back, accepting the other's rage on him as something he rightiously deserves.

- Low Self-esteem

Thy believes he's not worthy of any kindness or affection. He'd actively reject them if one were to be nice to him, and will make them regret ever being nice to him. He's a loner, and acts like he doesn't care--though there are times where he'd cry himself to sleep. Despite being provocative, it's near impossible to provoke Thy, as he came to accept he's a horrible human being and deserves all the bad things people might say about him.

- Awkward

Thy can't handle people who are truely nice to him. It frustrates him to no end that there are people who'd refuse to be provoked, and it makes him panic if people shows him kindness instead of rage after his efforts. It also adds on to his guilt, causing him to become more stressed. If neither verbal nor physical abuse could phase a person, Thy would chose to flee and avoid this person as much as possible.

- Naive

Despite having a really dark and twisted personality, Thy is still a child at heart. He is easily trusting and thinks in a very straight forward fashion. Thy also has a firm belief that the world is just and all crimes have to be punished, which is actually the root to his stresses.

- Hidden rage

Thy is almost always angry, stemming from the guilt that he carries. He has a better handle on his emotions as he's older, so he doesn't express the anger physically and resorts to verbal means. However, because he can't handle the stress for too long, he can't be left alone for a long time without means to release his anger. For this reason, Thy prefers to be around with someone, despite being an unpleasant individual.

Zero Form Personality Difference :

Thy loses the ability to talk coherently in zero form, muffled by the bear-head. As such, he is much more prone to violent outbreaks and tends to be more expressive in his actions.

History :

SHORT VERSION: Thy killed his sister by luring her onto the surface of a frozen lake because he blamed her for all of his family problems. The ice broke apart while she was trying to run from him after he said horrible things to her, causing her to fall in and become sick on top of her weak immune system.


Thy had a pair of very loving parents. The boy's mother gave birth to him in her early 40s due to complications, when they were about to give up having a child. As such, they treasured Thy so much to the point of spoiling him. His family had an average income, but his parents would strive to meet everything he demanded, even moving to the central zone in hopes that he'd receive the best education when he started elementary school.

When Thy was 6 and started to attend elementary school, his mother gave birth to another child, a girl this time. The parents were not as overjoyed as back when they had Thy, but they thought it was a miracle regardless, as his mother was nearing her 50s. At first, the family lived in peace. Thy's father found a new job in the central zone that managed to loosen up their tight budget, and Thy was quite excited to have a little sister as a child---and in his childish mind, things were okay until he grew older.

As he started to understand more things and became more aware of his surroundings, Thy started to notice that his parents were paying a lot more attention to his sister than him. Feeling jealous, the boy once confronted his mother and asked bluntly why his little sister, Elizabeth, was more loved. As it turned out, Elizabeth was born with a weaker than average immune system, and was sick quite often. Therefore, Thy's parents had to look after Elizabeth more. Thy's mother assured the boy that Elizabeth would get better as she grew older, but unfortunately, it wasn't the case. Elizabeth's immune system only seemed to grow worse as the years passed, to the point that she started to become hospitalized from time to time. This added additional stress to the family, and the money problem resurfaced. For many times Thy was woken up in his sleep by his parents arguing in regards to Elizabeth's health and money issues--the boy's mother wanted to move to other zones where the living was cheaper, but his father insisted to stay because of his job and for Thy's education.

The constant turmoil in the family started to take a toll on Thy's mentality, as he felt his happy life was being taken away from him. He blamed on his little sister for everything, and started to snap at her whenever she was around. When his parents yelled at him for this, Thy began to ignore his sister, though the latter, being still young, did not have much clue about her older brother's anger.

The February when Thy was about to turn 14, Elizabeth pestered her parents to take her and her older brother to go to the park to see the ice sculpture show. Elizabeth seemed to be getting better, and had not been sick for the past month. So regardless of their concerns, the parents agreed to the request. Thy wanted to object because he didn't want to spend time with his sister, but in the end, he was dragged to go as well---though his father were not with them due to work.

The show took place next to the lake, which was covered in a thin sheet of ice. Thy kept his mouth shut as much as possible while they took the tour, and in the middle of it, he had the misfortune of being left with his little sister because their mother went to wait in line to buy food for them. The two stayed silent for a while before Elizabeth pulled out a small teddy bear from her little pouch and handed it to Thy. She told him it was his early birthday present.

"Big brother should smile more often, just like this teddy!" She explained.

Thy, seeing the toy, felt happy at first, but then came a burst of strong emotions, ones he had held within himself for a long time. In a fit of rage and confusion, he tossed the teddy bear toward the center of the lake.

"I don't need this!" He cried out. "You don't don't understand anything!"

Seeing the teddy bear being throw, Elizabeth looked shocked. Then, before Thy could react and pull her back, she ran onto the icy lake toward the teddy bear, eventually picking it up after slipping a few times. There, standing on the frozen lake, she made a face to Thy and held the teddy bear up.

"I just want big brother to be happy, teddy did nothing wrong---"

"Happy? I'll tell you how I can be happy." Thy sneered at Elizabeth's innocent expression. She didn't know anything, and that's what angered him the most. "I'll be happy if you didn't exist!"

It was his true feelings, but as soon as he said it, Thy realized how bad it sounded. Horrified by his own words, he watched as Elizabeth's expression change as well. She wore an expression that he had never seen before, a mix of shock and sadness lingered in the form of tears that circled in her eyes. The girl opened her mouth, but no words came out. Despite how young she was, she must have understood what he meant. Yet, Thy had no courage to make amendments. All he could do was to stare back at his sister's widened eyes filled with disbelief and confusion.

Some time seemed to pass, then, as if his words finally sunk into her, Elizabeth took a step back, then another, and another. Eventually, she turned and started to run further into the lake, scared by her brother's words. It took Thy a few blinks before realizing how dangerous it was for the child to stay on the lake's frozen surface. He called out to her, but his voice was cut off by a cracking noise, a sound louder than thunderclap in Thy's ears. His hand reached out to the girl, but he couldn't move. The boy watched as the ice finally breaking away from under his little sister's feet, causing her to fall into the freezing water...and the boy only watched her sister struggling desperately as he stood by the shore, too desperate to even cry for help.

Thankfully, the mother returned in time. Though by the time actual help arrived, Elizabeth already lost her consciousness. The girl was sent to the hospital right away, and she passed away a week later, as multiple infections and diseases found their way into her weak body, further weakened by the lake water.

After that, the family returned to the state where Thy was the only child. The parents had told those who were concerned that it was an accident, but Thy knew it wasn't true. If only he wasn't angry toward Elizabeth...if only he didn't throw that teddy bear into the lake, if only he caught her before she rushed in....

He killed Elizabeth, he killed his own little sister.

For a couple of months, Thy tried to live his usual life as usual, but he knew nothing was ever the same. He could feel the change in the way his parents looked at him, he could feel that despite the fact they had covered things up for him, they knew he was the killer.

So one day, Thy couldn't take it anymore. The boy confronted his parents again and yelled at them.

"Why didn't you turn me into the police? Why don't you blame me? You know it's all my fault!"

To his rage, his parents only shook their head sadly, and told him that he was still too young to understand. But Thy knew the answer. He knew that despite what happened, his parents still loved him, and were unwilling to lose him especially after losing one of their miracle children already. It took him a while to figure out, but once he did, he only felt even more guilty. This guilt began to torment him, overpowering anything else he felt and received in the world, and eventually, he decided that if his parents were not going to punish him for what he did, if society was going to overlook his crimes, he was going to punish himself.

And then, Thy changed. Instead of being honest, he began to lie. Instead of being kind, he began to be cruel. He challenged everyone, be them his parents or innocent strangers, by provoking them with insults and hurtful rumors. He began to actively hurt others in hopes that the others would retaliate and hurt him back. Because only by being hurt would he able to feel not so crushed by his guilt.

Only by feeling pain, would he be able to feel at peace.

Thy became a problem to his parents and his peers. Because he had gotten into so many fights in school, he was forced to stay behind a grade than his peers. At the same time, his grades dropped drastically, and he was barely making the baseline before he had to be dropped again. His relationship with his parents strained, Thy closed himself off whenever he was at home. He began to turn to video games, which somewhat helped him to release some of his stress by beating things up in them. One day, Thy woke up in his room after passing out from a game marathon, and found a strange device that looked like a gaming console next to him...

Likes & Dislikes :

+ Getting hurt
+ Video games, or anything that can distract him when he's alone.
+ Company

(very few likes, because everything fells dull when he's not in pain.)

- Kind people
- Hospital
- Cold weather
- Plush toys (specifically teddy bears, as ironic as it sounds )

Etc :

- Constantly covered in bruises and band-aids due to getting beat up often.
- Despite showing symptoms of depression, Thy is not suicidal, and looks down on the idea of inflicting pain on himself, because he feels that's not a real punishment.
- Used to be skilled with writing, though this hobby stopped after the incident. The occasional stuff he writes nowadays are usually just ramblings that doesn't have good structure, usually filled with anger.
- The bear head is impossible to be taken off in his zero form, as it's weighed down by his guilt. He can see through it via its eyes, but he can't really talk clearly.
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I wish you the best of luck, tooaya! If you get in, see you in chat!

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