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November 17, 2011
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CH: Joker Twins by tooaya CH: Joker Twins by tooaya

Full image: [link]

Name: Black Joker and White Joker

Gender: male

Age: 15

Faction: Joker

Role: The Joker Twins


:bulletblack: - Extremely agile and clever. Their speed make up for their lack of strength.

:bulletwhite: - Wise, possesses knowledge far beyond their apparent age.

:bulletblack: - Ability to override rules made by the ruling faction

:bulletwhite: - Ability to throw citizens in jail

:bulletblack: - Ability to travel to the real world and bring outsiders into Wonderland.

Weapon: A set of toy wands that are used for entertainment purposes only.


:bulletwhite: Alice

:bulletwhite: Order

:bulletwhite: All sorts of Entertainment

:bulletwhite: Playing (sometimes dangerous) tricks on other people

:bulletwhite: Overlooking Wonderland

:bulletblack: Alice

:bulletblack: Disorder, criminals who violate the rules

:bulletblack: Boredom

:bulletblack: Bitter things, ranging from medicine to people

:bulletblack: People who question their ability as leaders

Black Joker (BJ) and White Joker (WJ) are polar opposites. Despite so, they get along surprisingly well with each other. In fact, they are so close together that they can be seen as two sides of one person, and cannot act as a whole being if one is left alone. Out of the two, WJ is the cheerful and outspoken one, always smiling and taking the lead in everything. Despite so, WJ has a childish cruelty to him that makes him the "meaner" of the twins. He is selfish and lacks empathy to everyone around him, seeing them as merely his toys. Although always taking initiative, he lacks consideration and a sense of responsibility, and most of his decisions are based upon gut feelings. WJ is the strict enforcer of the rules, as such, he does not approve the existence of Alice, despite being forced to like her by the same rule.

On the contrary, BJ is quieter, calmer, and more mature of the twins. He is the voice of reason behind WJ, and despite his cold appearance, is a kind person underneath. BJ is hardly talkative, and usually only speaks in one-word sentences followed by a lot of silence. He's mostly seen repeating after WJ, and it's not until something messes up will he truly steps into the scene in an attempt to fix the situation. Unlike WJ, BJ is surprisingly sensual and tends to express a wider variety of emotion once one gets pass his cold outlook. Supposedly the "older" of the twins, BJ keeps WJ in check so the other won't wreck havoc over small things. BJ expresses sympathy for Alice, and welcomes her presence in Wonderland despite the fact that she is a paradox to the rules.


The joker twins are the oldest citizen in Wonderland despite their apparent age. However, even they do not know who made Wonderland or who made the rules that they must keep. As the number of people in the Joker faction increased, the joker twins tend to retire themselves from their work as the overseer and resort to seeking entertainment all day. The twins run a circus that is the fortress of Joker faction. It is the only faction fortress not located on the map because it is too small and constantly moving. It is said that the gate to the jail is located within the circus, but the twins absolutely refuse to reveal anything about it.

Additional info:

- The twins have a habit of calling everyone "big brother" or "big sister" considering most citizens look older than them. They have adopted the Japanese way of calling too, most likely due to them able to travel back and forth between the real world and wonderland. So for most males, it's Nii-san and for females, Nee-chan. They call people their age or under by their regular names.

- The twins, especially WJ, is very touchy-feely. Expect them to hug and grope you when you are too close to them.
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