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June 20, 2011
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HH: Kei CS by tooaya HH: Kei CS by tooaya

Name: Kei Nakakami (中神 圭)

Sample voice (In-school): [link]

Sample voice (out-school): [link]

Sample voice (combined? lol ): [link]

Age: 16

Height: 6'3"

Gender: male

Grade: 2nd year/Junior

DOB: November 14th

Star Sign: Scorpio

Kei has two sides. This is not to say he has multi-personality disorder, he just chooses to act like two different people for different occasions.

In school, Kei is somewhat nerdy. He prefers to blend into the crowd or be left alone. He is disinterested in all subjects aside from sociology. The school doesn't offer the subject however, so he stays in the library most of the times reading and learning by himself.

Kei is nothing out of ordinary in school. His neatly combed hair and glasses are perfect disguises, added with his strict manner and unsympathetic way of talking, leaves other an impression that he's hard to approach and unpleasant to be around with. This changed little since he has became a disciplinary officer. If anything, his rather strict ways of rule enforcement has earned him quite a few enemies in the school.

When he's done with school, Kei changes his appearance as well as his personality. He is outgoing, flirty, and skilled in interacting with others. His knowledge and interest in sociology turns Kei into a sweet and smooth talker, and has won him quite a few admirers, majority of them being female. Kei is more wild and open outside of school, and possesses a violent streak. If anyone threatens to take away his freedom, kei will stop at nothing to prevent it from happening.

outside of school, Kei is nicknamed "Ouji-sama" by his admirers. He strives to keep the title while hiding it from his classmates.


:bulletgreen: = likes
:bulletred: = dislikes

:bulletgreen: The library
:bulletgreen: Sociology
:bulletgreen: Fighting
:bulletgreen: Girls, older girls especially
:bulletgreen: Alcohol
:bulletgreen: Freedom

:bulletred: School
:bulletred: Father
:bulletred: People who pose a threat to him in any way
:bulletred: His poor eye-sight

Kei is the only son of a high-ranking government official. Because his father was extremely busy, Kei has never had a chance to get to know his father well. For most part of his childhood, he was brought up by his mother alone. As a result, the boy grew to be attached to his mother and quite fond of her, even to the point that he concluded his family was perfectly functional without a father. However, this peace did not last for long. When he turned 13, his father was dragged into a scandalous affair that gained a ton of unwanted attention from the media. Kei never understood the details on what happened, but in the end, it drove his mother away. Not able to handle the pressure and emotional strains, Kei's mother left the house one night, never to return. During their last meeting, Kei watched his mother cry and apologize for what was going to happen. Despite so, he could not blame his mother for leaving, and instead directed all his anger toward his father.

During the next couple of years, Kei fought with his father openly and constantly. It put a lot of strain to their already strained relationship, though eventually the boy came to realize that fighting like this would not solve anything. His father, on the other hand, felt horrible for what happened, but was too prideful to sit down and talk things through to Kei, explaining what actually happened. To deal with the rebellious teen, Kei's father sent him away to a remote, yet prestigious school hidden in the mountains named Hoshizora High. He provided all the funding for the boy, even going to extreme measures of buying his son a luxurious apartment in the town close by. Despite his efforts, Kei did not appreciate them. While he excels in school, he is disinterested in acedemic affairs, and seeks to become a rule-breaker behind his father's back. This drives Kei into forming another persona outside of school, one which he can express his true self without restraints. He has probably spent more time plotting against his father, from day and night planners to what he can do and what he cannot do, than studying. To this day Kei does a good job at keeping a balance between inside and outside of school...

Club: Kenka Club

Classes: Astronomy, History, English, Math

Sports: Track


- Kei spends most of his time in the library while in school reading on sociology books. Considering there's only a limited number of books on said subject, he has already memorized a few books reading them over and over.

- Kei only attends the minimum required number of classes needed to pass. He does most of the study on his own, and manages to maintain a good grade.

- Kei spends an hour everyday after school to apply hairgel to his hair to make them messy looking, and spends an hour before bed to get his hair back to the natural state.

- The Kenka club is the only activity Kei is interested in in school. His style of fighting is more crude brawl instead of the established martial arts, making him a troublemaker in the club.

- With that said, Kei sleeps about 4-6 hours at night. Joining the track team and running around is the only way to keep him awake during the day.

- Kei possesses a fake ID which allows him to buy alcoholic beverages. He is not addicted to alcohol, but drinks for the sake of going against his father who condemns it. His fake name is Shouji Yamakazu. Normally he'd tell others to just call him Ouji instead.

- Has 3 piercings on his left ear, and an eagle shaped tattoo on his left shoulder. He hides the piercings by covering his hair over his ears in school, but makes a point to expose them outside of it.

- Under his father's influence, Kei is decent at speaking English as he was taught when he was young to appear more intelligent.
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