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September 29, 2010
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Pokepalace: Wind by tooaya Pokepalace: Wind by tooaya

..I hope his outfit's western enough. >>

Name: Wind

Pokemon: Croagunk

Gender: male

Age: 25

Job: Thief (urgh I can't decide between assassin/thief orz )

Kingdom: Pandemoria

Ability: Anticipation

Level: 1


:bulletorange: <removed for now>

:bulletblue: Chilly Weather
:bulletblue: Training
:bulletblue: Hotpot/warm soup in general
:bulletblue: Snow
:bulletblue: Tough fights

:bulletblack: Lazy people
:bulletblack: Hot Weather, desert
:bulletblack: Flirts/people who play around with people's feelings
:bulletblack: Easy fights


Having grown up in a harsh environment, every one of Wind's action and thoughts are carefully calculated toward optimum survival. He is extremely cautious, but not hesitant. This means if he decides that a certain action will benefit him in any way, he will perform the action without second thoughts. On the contrary, he will not waste energy on the smallest action if it does not grant him any benefits. When dealing with people, Wind is curt. His words are straight to the point and spoken with much consideration. He will sugarcoat his words if needed to be, all depending on the situation and the possiblity of his welfare. Despite his caution, Wind gives off a cold and distant feeling that makes others harder to approach him intimately. He will be your friend, but will never be your best friend.

With that said,, Wind is quite selfish. He will not lend goodwill to others without demanding something back. The only exception is when the said individual is in a desperate situation and is a persistent and hard worker. Wind admires individual who struggles against fate, perhaps he sees a bit of himself in these kind of people.


Every Kingdom, even the most wealthy and powerful, have its poor areas. Wind grew up in such an area, living in the gutters since childhood. Having a weak physique certainly did not help to make the boy's life any better. He was shorter than kids of the same age, and was prone to more sickness. The only thing that kept Wind's life from perishing was his will to live, so the boy struggled against fate constantly as he grew.

Being smaller was not completely horrible. The advantage of size made Wind speedier and more dexterous than others. Eventually, Wind learned the art of stealing. Despite the act being condemned, Wind used it as a way of survival. After countless numbers of trail and error, and after being caught numerous times, Wind eventually became a skilled thief, though his targets were only those that could help him to survive, mainly food. Wind was cautious, and does not steal from a single individual continuously. Because his goals are small, wind was able to get by his acts fairly unnoticed. However, at the same time, he had to steal constantly to fill his stomach.

It was at this time that he encountered a croagunk. The creature appeared in his temporary shelter one day and will not leave him alone. It seems that the croagunk had taken a liking of him after eating all of Wind's breakfast. Finding no use to waste his energy to yell at the pokemon, Wind had to find his next target on shaky feet and empty stomach. That day, he did not have great luck, and failed to steal a fair amount of ration for himself. When Wind came back, all hungry and frustrated, he found that the croagunk had returned---with a basket of bread. Surprised at the pokemon's skills Wind decided to keep it with him in hopes that the croagunk would aid him in the future. The croagunk turned out to be a trustworthy partner, and the two was quite content for a long period of time. Wind never truly trusted the pokemon however, believing that the other probably had the same thought as him: depending on each other and using each other as a way to better survive.

All good times had to come to an end. Wind made a foolish mistake of stealing from a group of ruthless criminals. He was caught, along with the croagunk. Wind was led to a broke-down temple and used as a punching bag for the criminals, and eventually was given the death sentence. Just as when the blade was at Wind's neck, the croagunk managed to escape and attacked the criminal boss, severely poisoning him. The pokemon, however, was not without injuries. In fact, it took a heavy blow, leaving it just as half dead as its human partner. With the little bit of strength it left the pokemon released wind, and the criminal group fled, worried about their boss's safety.

Wind, seeing what happened in front of him, was shocked and in disbelief. When the thought that the croagunk had saved him finally hit, the pokemon was dying. Devastated, Wind held his partner close, finally realizing that their bond was stonger than he originally thought. Wind shed tears for the first time in his life, and eventually fainted from both physical and emotional stress.

When he woke up, he found that the croagunk was gone, but himself was fully healed. Confused by the turn of events Wind wandered aimlessly back to town, after making a simple grave for his partner, who he assumed had been lost. It didn't take long before Wind noticed people sending weird look at him, and that he no longer felt as cold as before, wearing scarcely for the chilly weather. Realizing he had somewhat changed, Wind came across a display shield, and from it the young man saw his reflection: his eyes were no longer blue, but was golden resting on a masses of black that were originally white. It was no longer his eyes, but his partner's. The strong bond between the human and the pokemon had created a miracle. Wind was not left alone. He and his partner now reside together within the same body.


- It is known that croagunks prefer to live in cool and wet areas and away from the sun. This effect had carried over to Wind. As a result, Wind does not need to wear a lot in the cold Pandemoria to feel warm. On the contrary, he's quite sensitive to heat, and too much sunlight can make him uncomfortable.

- With croagunk's poisonous body, Wind has the knowledge to create poison and apply to his daggers. He now attempts bigger target and sometimes work as a mercenary. The poison he creates helps him get out of sticky situations, but are never in high dosage to kill anyone.
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Looking forward to bump-ins in PokePalace!
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