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December 1, 2010
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VS: Lucyrate cs by tooaya VS: Lucyrate cs by tooaya

FS: [link]

Name: Lucyrate Rocoy (goes by Luke)

VA: [link]

Age: 24

Gender: male

Species: Chimera

Job: Mercenary


:bulletred: Fighting: A naturally talented fighter, Lucyrate learns fighting styles and techniques quicker than normal gijinkas of his race.

:bulletred: Tactics: Provided he is in his clam state of mind, Lucyrate is prone to choose the best way to approach a fight. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen often, as his hot temper usually leads him right into the middle of a brawl without much thought. This usually applies to bigger scale battles, where he is involved in a team.

:bulletred: Herbalism: As he travels a lot due to his job, Lucyrate has adapted vast knowledge in wild plant lives. Knowing which plants are helpful and which are dangerous certainly helped him getting around.


Proud: Lucyrate knows his abilities, and is proud of it. He does not deny that he's not the best, but he thinks he'd assume he's better than you until you prove otherwise.

Volatile: Lucyrate's hot temper's always something that leaves an impression for others, be it a good or bad thing. He is prone to be angered, and will not hesitate to smash things around to make himself feel better. If provoked, Lucyrate will not back down from challenges until either the opponent's half-dead, or he himself is. Stopping a raging Lucyrate is quite dangerous, as he may just turn his anger on you.

Strict: Although not a perfectionist, Lucyrate strives to push his limit and always demands the best out of himself. This attitude also affects how he looks at others: he demands hard work from those his peers and those who are close to him. Don't be surprised to see him yelling at you telling you that you can do better---he usually is right.

Blunt: Honest to his opinions, Lucyrate will say whatever he wants to say without restrictions. He also stubbornly clings to his opinions, and will not apologize even if his comments offended others. This does not mean he's rude, for he's usually considerate of his speech before spoken. However, this consideration is largely lost during his raging sessions.

Provocative: Not quite the word to describe it but...Lucyrate seeks challenges within others and he's not afraid to be mean to bring out the said challenges. This attitude is more common toward people he likes. Lucyrate seems to take pleasure from abusing those who are close to him. That, or he simply doesn't know how to show his affection. Lucyrate will never tell you that he likes you, so him being mean to you is the most obvious hint.


As long as he could remember, Lucyrate was raised by his father alone. His father was an extremely strict man, to the point that Lucyrate feared his harsh trainings. However, by going through these trainings, the young gijinka was ensured to become a great fighter as he matured. Lucyrate did not appreciate his father's cold attitude, and was not told of his father's intentions until much later, when his father protected him from a group of rouge assault. On his dying bed, his father told Lucyrate about his mother, who had died protecting the family from a criminal homicide. His father hated himself for being so weak, which was why he wanted Lucyrate to be strong and able to support himself.

After his father died, Lucyrate buried him along with his mother. From there, he traveled aimlessly across the continent, seeking to become stronger according to his father's dying wish.

Additional Info:

:bulletred: Despite being a Chimera, Lucyrate was not good at fire magic, or any magic at all. It was not because he was too weak, but rather, when trying to use magic, he cannot control the power and tend to loose more of his life force than others of his race. His father found out about this when Lucyrate's mother passed away. To save Lucyrate from exhausting himself, his father gave Lucyrate one of his mother's earrings, and told the young man that it contained a magical seal that would prevent Lucyrate from using magic as long as it is on his ear. To this day Lucyrate believed his father, even though the earring was just a regular jewelry.

:bulletred: Do not call Lucyrate by "Lucy", he will rage at you. Luke is what he goes by normally.

:bulletred: Likes women, but it seems that he cannot relate sex to love. Never pays prostitute for their services.

:bulletred: Enjoys drinking sake, but cannot drink for more than 5 cups. Anything beyond 5 cups will surely make him drunk.
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